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DOT Compliance

Whether you are a new carrier, or seasoned veteran, by outsourcing your compliance needs to Bandofire you’ll never have to worry if you’re in compliance because we do all of the work for you. We offer the following individual compliance services and we can custom create a package just for your specific needs:

Hours of Service Log Auditing

  • Logs and supporting trip documentation (receipts) are submitted to us on a monthly basis.
  • Logs are audited for Falsification, Form and Manner & Driver Hours of Service Compliance. 
  • Compliance Reports are created and returned to you with the logs and receipts to retain.
  • Compliance Reports can be custom created to include a point system to help you evaluate and grade the performance of your drivers, allowing you to offer incentive programs for top performers or retraining for frequent violators.
  • Disciplinary policy for non-compliance with Part 395.
  • Daily/Local Driver time record keeping systems provided.

Driver Qualification Files

  • An audit can be performed on your existing files to determine their qualification status; a report will be returned with the necessary forms and/or recommendations to bring them up-to-date.
  • New driver qualification files can be created; all necessary forms are provided. Simply have your drivers fill them out and return them to Bandofire for completion.
  • Safety History, Accident, Substance Abuse Drug & Alcohol & Employment verifications will be conducted in writing to all applicable companies for the prior 3 years.
  • For a nominal extra charge (fees range per State), we can run MVR Driving History Reports, CDLIS Checks, Criminal History, and other various Background Investigations.

Driver Qualifcation Maintenance

  • Advance notification of license expiration.
  • Advance notification of medical card expiration.
  • Advance notice of MVR expiration.
  • Monthly driver license status check (in applicable states).
  • Monthly FMCSA SafeStat driver & vehicle roadside inspection/violation monitoring, logging and corrective action recommendations.
  • Accident Register maintenance.

Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Scheduling & Record Keeping

Bandofire creates and provides the required preventative maintenance schedule and maintenance policy.  Our monthly record keeping service includes :

  • Advance notification when preventative maintenance is scheduled; when annual inspections are due; tag and insurance expirations as well.
  • The maintenance schedule and completed maintenance, inspection and repair are logged in an Excel Workbook and provided to you on a monthly basis.  
  • Preventative Maintenance can be scheduled on the frequency of your choice.  
  • On-Site, Mobile Repairs; PM’s and Periodic Annual Inspections are available for Trucks; Trailers; RV’s and Equipment. ASE Certified & Factory Trained Technicians; Emergency Service & All Fleet Repairs  - on a limited basis by appointment only.   

FMCSA CSA 2010 Safety Rating Monitoring

Your company FMCSA Safety Rating Statistics will be monitored and tracked, you will be advised quarterly of increases or decreases to your ISS Value (Inspection Selection System) and your driver or vehicle SEA (Safety Evaluation Area) ratings. Companies want to keep their SEA rating percentages as low as possible, preferably under 75%. Deficient SEA ratings are those from 75%-100%.

  • Roadside Driver & Vehicle Inspections/Violations will be logged and brought to your attention for proper follow up. Corrective Action recommendations will be provided for both driver re-training and vehicle repairs necessary.
  • Reported Accidents will be logged and brought to your attention for proper follow up and gathering of required record-keeping documents will be advised. Corrective Action recommendations will be provided.

Mock Audit

Bandofire can review the following programs and advise you of deficiencies as well as help you correct them before you’re surprised with an unexpected audit. If you are lacking in any of these areas of  compliance Bandofire. can quickly set you up with and maintain any of the programs listed below.  Our Mock Audit consists of a review of the following areas and a written report of the findings.  Mock audits can be conducted by sending your items to us for review, or scheduling an on-site visit (travel expenses may apply). 

  • Driver Hiring Procedures
  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Hours of Service Logs
  • Drug & Alcohol Program
  • Accident Register
  • Safety Program
  • Roadside Violations & OOS Orders
  • Preventative Maintenance Program 

Audit Prep Assistance

  • Review all components listed in the Mock Audit above
  • Bring all files up to standard
  • Review the Safety Audit list of items and questions
  • Extract and organize all information and records from your files/archives to facilitate the flow of the audit
  • Audit representation is available in all States based on the availability of our staff, please call for a quote and to check for availability. 

Safety Policies, Safety Programs, Safety Training, Compliance Seminars

On site program set up and safety training can be conducted. This service may require the reimbursement of travel expenses for certain distances of travel.

Should you desire an in-person training program or compliance seminar please contact our office to discuss specific dates, travel arrangements and program costs.   

We successfully complete many training programs via teleconference with powerpoint presentations, videos and handouts.   

Bandofire. has a large library of Driver & Safety Compliance Topics to choose from such as:

  • Hours of Service (Log Book) Training
  • DVIR (Daily Vehicle Inspection Report) Training
  • CMV Driver Basics for Entry Level Drivers - Entry Level Driver Training
  • Cargo Securement
  • Hazmat Security Training
  • Reasonable Suspicion (Drug & Alcohol) Training for Supervisors - Online Course 120 Minutes
  • Traffic Violations & CDL Disqualifications
  • Slips; Trips & Falls
  • Speed & Space Management
  • Backing
  • Defensive Driving
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Accidents & Breakdowns