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  • Saftey Consulting & Training

    Knowing your risks and finding the right solution is our business.
    Let's sit down today and see what Bandofire can do for you.

  • Land Management & Restoration

    From right of way clearing and maintenance to seeding, Bandofire has all your land management needs covered.

  • Operator Qualification

    Bandofire can ensure your company personnel have the proper training and qualifications to stay compliant with DOT Regulations.


Welcome to Bandofire INC

Just like humans, no two companies are alike. With that being said, it is our mission to provide your company with a personalized safety program that fits your needs rather than forcing you to adapt to a program that was written for another. We will work with owners, managers,supervisors, and employees every step of the way and listen to recommendations to make sure your program is suited for your company. With the ability to provide you with 24/7 coverage, we will ensure you and your assets are in-compliance and remain in-compliance.




Maintaining Records

All Company records (training, audits, policies, calibration logs, health, drug test, and etc) will be maintained in a database that Read More...

Standardized Sub-Contractor Selection

Developing a standardized sub-contractor questionnaire that identifies parameters such as insurance coverage, OSHA violations, health and safety statistics, and EMR’s Read More...

Fit-for-Duty Program

Instilling a health baseline before signing on for work ensures a pre-existing condition does not turn into a worker's-comp claim Read More...

Drug and Alcohol Testing

A drug and alcohol-testing program ensures employees refrain from indulging in substances that could jeopardize their safety or damage equipment Read More...

Risk and Safety Management Plans

Workplace safety programs that empower personnel can prevent costly accidents, leading to more profitable business. We plan ahead for risk, Read More...

A Return to Work Program

A Return to Work program plans ahead for when your workers may suffer an injury or illness. We help you Read More...

Accident Investigations

Accident investigation determines the root causes of accidents. Finding out why on-the-job injuries, property damage, and close calls happen and Read More...

Tool Inspections and Calibrations

Manage all tools, monitors, and other safety sensitive equipment in a single location. Set calibration intervals based on each tool's Read More...

Audits and Inspections

We will perform inspections and examinations of your organization, systems, processes, projects, and products to determine where deficiencies exist and Read More...

Employee Tracking/Journey Management

When employees are called out on assignments at night or sent out on solo assignments, someone will remain on call Read More...

Employee Safety Training

Workplace safety training gives your employees the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves against injuries and death. It Read More...

Policy Development

The process of developing policy involves understanding your business in depth, performing research, analyzing your organization, and synthesizing large volumes Read More...



I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Jeremy, and have come to know Bandofire as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. They are honest, dependable, and incredibly hard working. Beyond that, Bandofire is an impressive all around safety resource who will always be there for you.

Adam Castro

Shop Service Coordinator, Knighten Industries

I recommend the services of Bandofire, Inc. We have worked with Bandofire for the past five years on numerous jobs and projects and have been very satisfied with their work. I stronly recommend the services of Bandofire look forward to our future endeavors.

Ricardo Hernandez

Owner, Ricardo Hernandez Trucking, LLC

I am writing to recommend the services of Bandofikre, Inc. I have been using Bandofire to provide training services for my employees for the last year and have always been completely satisfied with the level of training that is offered. They do an excellent job, are always punctual and offer the most competitive rates in town.

Jeffery Vaughn

Owner, Vaughn Welding, Inc.